stories told.


Tracy MacDonald is a multiple Emmy Award nominated producer, writer, and director whose clients include The Discovery Channel, Travelocity, Disney, HBO, Comcast, and PBS.

A long-time Portland resident, Tracy turned her passion for travel, art, culture, and the great outdoors into the CBS television program, "Go Northwest!" As Senior Producer, Tracy created stories focusing on a wide range of topics, including conservation efforts in Oregon's last old growth forests, truffle hunting dogs, a Jazz club run by Timber's founder Marshall Glickman, and a Portland coffee roaster operated by disabled teenagers and adults. Tracy enjoys working with people from all walks of life, from well known icons to everyday folks, and truly believes everyone has a story worth telling.

During her time at PBS in Florida, Tracy was fortunate to work on the arts and culture show "A Gulf Coast Journal," which led to adventures such as cleaning up coral reefs in the Gulf of Mexico, woking with folks at the Sarasota Opera, and spending time with Quad Rugby champs "The Hoveround Gunners."

Tracy produced and directed segments for Oregon Public Broadcasting's (PBS) weekly show, "Oregon Art Beat." Her Art Beat segment for DANCEABILITY INTERNATIONAL received a 2016 Emmy nomination. She also worked with Portland artist KINDRA CRICK on a recent episode.


Fueled by her insatiable quest for adventure, travel, and storytelling, Tracy is launching a new travel blog, "Do Tell!" in early 2018. Watch for it!